How to Play and Win Online Keno

Keno is not the most popular casino game nowadays. But still many players like playing it just to try their luck and win money. Although keno is a game of chance and it is impossible to predict the result, there are several tips that can make you get closer to the winning number.

These tips are not 100% guarantee of winning. But they will certainly not be harmful for your gameplay and practice.

Choose online casinos and keno games with better payouts

This may sound obvious but choosing a high-paying casino (and keno game) is crucial. Even if you love your online casino, it doesn’t mean it is suitable for playing online keno.

To have more chances of winning money on keno games, you need to play at casinos that offer not only many keno titles but also high payouts for these games.

On most keno platforms, players can choose up to 10, 15, or 20 numbers to place bets on. And 20 out of 80 numbers are drawn.

Play keno for free

Keno is a very simple game, which is why many players start off with real money mode. They skip the stage of free practice and lose a lot of money.

But the rule of thumb for playing any casino game is to play it for free first. And only when you get a hold of it, continue playing for real money.

Besides, don’t forget that casino games can have technical issues that cause losses in real money play. So give yourself some time to test a keno game just to be sure that everything’s alright.

Select from four to eight numbers

As we said, many keno games allow players to choose up to 15-20 numbers with the same bet. Now, the question arises — how many numbers should you choose?

Most beginners believe that the more numbers you pick, the better. Well, it makes sense because you the more numbers you choose, the better your chances of winning.

But you should remember that payouts chance depending on the total of selected numbers. Thus, if you select 5 numbers out of 5, the payout will be 50 to 1. But if you guess 5 numbers out of 10, the payout reduces to 3 to 1.

Simply put, the optimal number to choose is from four to eight. After all, there are 80 numbers in keno. And if you select more than eight, you will have to hit at least four of them to win any extra money.

Choose cold or consecutive numbers

Now that you know how many numbers you should select, you need to know which numbers to choose. There is no exact answer because keno machines are randomized. And one can never tell what’s the next winning number is.

But as practice shows, consecutive numbers are chosen by a random number generator from time to time. Same goes for the numbers that haven’t been picked for a long time — cold numbers.

In Conclusion

Online keno is an interesting game that can bring you a lot of money. But be sure that luck is on your side and don’t forget to use the tips for winning in keno online.